Enabling Valuable Long Term Customer Relationships with i2c Engage

It’s long been an industry problem. Just how do you create and nurture long-term relationships with customers when you may not even have their name and address? While prepaid customers enjoy the simplicity and freedom of no commitments or contracts, you as the program provider would like to be able to market to them in some way and leverage your acquisition costs for profitability. New technologies have changed the way consumers communicate, shop and process information yet many companies are struggling to evolve their loyalty programs past emailed discounts and rewards programs. We solve these issues with innovative loyalty and marketing solutions at the purchase transaction level. By engaging consumers at the point-of-sale and via their payment devices, i2c Engage allows you to connect with consumers in new, creative and relevant ways that are affordable and efficient.

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After expending significant time and money to attract profitable customers, having the ability to engage and ultimately retain them is essential to getting a return on your investment. Identify and target consumer segments in new, smart ways and execute a myriad of personalized loyalty campaigns utilizing real-time, multi-channel delivery methods.

Create Loyalty

Increase spend, provide customer value and create stickiness with digital coupons. Send personalized marketing, account and customer service messages to targeted customer segments. Or perhaps target offers based on customer-specified preferences, demographic data or payment transactions and purchase transactions.

Gain Insight

We see transaction-level data in real-time so you can employ it as a “trigger” in loyalty campaigns. This insight allows you to create loyalty and marketing programs never before possible. Use our loyalty capabilities as an integrated solution or use them as a stand alone loyalty solution integrated with other systems and data sources.

Create Value

With a broad spectrum of customer engagement opportunities and capabilities, take advantage of merchant-funded rewards and digital coupons or utilize us as a full-blown loyalty platform with integrated mobile communication tools. We have everything you need to create consumer value and stickiness in one, integrated cloud based platform.