Offer prepaid programs that give your clients and their employees an easy way to manage healthcare expenses

i2c can help you replace costly paper-based claim reimbursements and provide a better customer experience with a robust self-service website. Our end-to-end commerce platform can address every component of the healthcare prepaid ecosystem. We support a broad array of prepaid healthcare cards, including cards for Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), Healthcare Saving Account (HSA), incentives, and more.

Key Features
Configurable Platform
Configurable Platform
i2c’s modular platform is comprised of a suite of highly configurable components that can be quickly assembled for customized solutions, allowing customers to pick and choose elements to create specific technology combinations that meet their unique needs. Rapidly configure, scale, and deploy global programs through a simple web-based interface.
Multi-Purse Technology
Multi-Purse Technology
A unique cascading multi-purse technology capability that is perfect for healthcare pre-tax benefit programs.
Advanced Digital and Mobile Capabilities
Advanced Digital and Mobile Capabilities
i2c’s robust set of digital and mobile tools allow you to build fully functional websites and full-featured mobile applications so customers can review balances, card transaction activity, and claim status. Our extensive suite of integrated digital capabilities allow you to customize content and add your look, feel, and logo.

Create a Better Experience

The combination of i2c’s flexible payment processing technology and comprehensive web and mobile digital functionality allows you to design and deploy feature-rich solutions that will engage participants, increase enrollment rates, and free up your clients’ HR and Benefits staff.

Eliminate manual claim processes

Participants avoid frustrating manual claim and reimbursement processes by accessing their funds via a card, eliminating the need to wait to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.

Drive efficiencies

Online capabilities give program sponsors and participants the ability drive efficiencies in areas where traditional healthcare and retail services converge.

Rewards and couponing

Program participants can also choose to participate in rewards and coupon programs at no additional cost, which provide value and relevance to their experience.