Provide extra value and convenience to your membership with integrated prepaid and loyalty solutions

Associations of all types look for new ways to generate non-dues revenue while striving to enhance the value of membership and increase retention. Member loyalty is critical for an association to achieve its goals and mission. An ongoing challenge is finding new ways to connect with members and add value while operating within tight budgets.

At i2c, we can help your association attract and retain members with innovative payment services and loyalty offerings. We help you provide value and relevance to the member experience with a platform that allows you to offer new financial products to members, launch marketing and communications campaigns, or create loyalty programs featuring targeted discounts, offers, and rewards.

Key Features
Configurable Platform
Configurable Platform
i2c’s modular platform is comprised of a suite of highly configurable components that can be quickly assembled for customized solutions, allowing customers to pick and choose elements to meet their unique needs. Rapidly configure, scale, and deploy global programs through a simple web-based interface.
Industry Leading Engagement & Loyalty
Industry Leading Engagement & Loyalty
Create long lasting, profitable relationships with your customers by offering differentiated products like rewards, offers, and digital coupons that can be applied at the point of authorization for a more personalized, integrated commerce experience. By processing real-time data on cardholder transactions, behaviors, and locations, you can leverage essential and contextual information to get the right message to the right person at the right time, via the right channel.
Delight your members by providing a range of reward options including points, account credits, miles, cash-back, and card-linked coupons and offers.
Mobile Functionality
Mobile Functionality
Connect with your members with the latest digital and mobile technology. Whether it’s a payment service or a targeted SMS message or alert, i2c can help you deliver the convenient anywhere, anytime mobile functionality demanded by today’s consumers.

Attract, engage, and retain members and generate new sources of revenue

Add value to membership by issuing a multi-use member ID card with advanced payment and loyalty features and functionality.

Create new product offerings

Offer members new financial products, such as prepaid cards or gifting services. We support any form factor you may need – plastic, virtual, or mobile.

Drive member engagement

Provide members with valuable discounts, offers, and rewards targeted to their specific behavior and preferences.

Supercharge your membership card

Turn your membership card into so much more than identification. With i2c, we can help you issue a multi-use card that combines member identification with features of a payment and/or loyalty card.

Monetize new business opportunities

Our cloud-based platform connects you to the entire commerce ecosystem and is easily configurable to meet your needs.